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The Resurrection of Dora Suarez

A séance of murder, music and spoken word performance. 
Resuscitated for one night only. I Was Dora Suarez is the uncompromisingly dark and eerie aural evocation of Derek Raymond’s most talk about novel; introduced by one of Britain’s foremost crime writers, Cathi Unsworth, and performed live with narration by Richard Strange and musical backing from musicians who have played with Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, PJ Harvey and Siouxsie Sioux. 
Merging the haunting language of Raymond’s book with the spooky industrial tones of James Johnston (PJ Harvey, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Gallon Drunk, Faust, Lydia Lunch) and Terry Edwards (Gallon Drunk, Nick Cave, the Jesus & Mary Chain, Tom Waits), this unique audio-visual performance thrusts the audience into the centre of a savage double murder committed by the hand of one of literature’s most deranged serial killers.