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Writing a Police Procedural in the 21st Century with Stav Sherez

Do you want to create the new Rebus or Bosch? Police procedurals account for some of the most iconic, enduring and successful novels in the genre but what does it take to write a procedural in the 21st Century? The internet has changed crime, as each newly-revealed hack makes us all too aware – but it has also fundamentally changed policing. We’ve gone from hunches and shoe leather to data mining and screen scanning and the modern-day police procedural must follow in these footsteps.
Looking at the structure of the police procedural, we’ll examine what it is that makes it such a popular and perennial sub-genre as well as going into the pros and cons of choosing to write one. We’ll walk through the main elements necessary for the creation of a realistic procedural, then ask whether realism is as important as it’s perceived to be. In the second half of the class, we’ll chart the evolution of the police procedural and how modern electronic detection has changed the form and, finally, ask how do we breathe new life into the police procedural?
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