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Dream and Vision: Poetry workshop with Sean O'Brien

‘Life is a dream, or very nearly’
- Peter Porter, ‘Last of the Dinosaurs’
The experience of falling asleep, dreaming, dream-visions, and waking, lend themselves perfectly to the poetic form; where daytime and night-time, dream and reality, often meet.
Three-time Forward Poetry Prize winner Sean O’Brien is himself known, amongst other things, for his imaginative descriptions of the North Eastern landscape where he was brought up, which often take on an intense, dream-like quality.
In this workshop, Sean will show you how to make the crossing in either direction between waking and dreaming, armed only with a pen and paper. All he asks is for you to bring your curiosity and an open mind! 
Methods involved will include: group discussion of examples, time to write, and the sharing and discussion of poems written during the session.
Limited availability – this workshop will have a maximum of 15 participants to ensure an intimate learning environment.